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Pinto National Rules

Pinto National Rules (Kid Pitch)

2020 Spring Ball
Bats MUST BE USA stamped.

The following Rules are in addition to the basic baseball rules as contained in the Pony League Rulebook AND the PONY Pinto Division Rulebook. In the event of a conflict,THESE Rules shall control:

    • The Manager or a Coach MUST have the team roster and the medical release forms for all players at each game.
    • The home team is responsible for setting up the field and supplying two (2) useable balls for each game.
    • Teams will be limited to (12) players.
    • After a game, the winning team will remove the outfield fence and the visiting team will drag and water the field.
    • No team shall make substantial changes to the league issued uniforms. If so, the manager and team will face disciplinary action.
    • A player may buy and wear his own fitted cap as long as it has the same logo as the league issued cap.
    • All players will use the proper equipment, including: cups, cleats (NO METAL OR SPIKED CLEATS - No tennis shoes), uniforms, gloves and full catchers gear.
    • Batters and base runners will wear their helmets at all times on the field during play.
    • No players will be allowed on the field without the appropriate equipment.
    • All bats must have "USA" stamped, not "USSSA" and cannot exceed a maximum 2 5/8 inch barrel.
  • FIELD DIMENSIONS: Base lengths are to be 60 feet. Pitching mound shall be 38 feet from home plate for the first half of the season and will move to 40 feet from home plate for the second half.
    • All coaches shall be adults and includes the Manager.
    • Offensive team shall have at least three coaches: 1 coach at 1st base; 1 coach at 3rd base; and 1 coach in the dugout.
    • The batting order shall contain the entire roster of players.
    • Teams will bat through their entire line-up regardless of any defensive player's turn to sit out during an inning.
  • SIDE RETIRED: Three outs or 5 runs, whichever occurs first. Unlimited runs are allowed in the last inning.

    • Each game will be a MAXIMUM of two (2) hours drop dead or the completion of six (6) innings.
    • No new innings after one hour and forty-five minutes (1:45 hr).
    • Game time shall begin from the actual start of a game and not from the scheduled start of the game.
    • There is a 10 run mercy rule in affect after the losing team has had a minimum of 4 at bats.
  • FIELDERS: Each team will play a maximum of nine (9) players in the field, as follows: Pitcher, Catcher, 1st Base, 2nd Base, Shortstop, 3rd Base and three (3) outfielders.

    • NO player shall sit on the bench more than one (1) inning per game.
    • ALL players (including manager/coaches children) shall rotate all positions, including sitting on the bench.
    • No player shall sit more than two (2) innings in a game until all of the players have sat out at least one (inning).
    • Any player not starting the game will start in the next scheduled game (injury, illness or discipline are exceptions).
    • ALL players will play at least 1 inning in the infield.
  • HITTING: The batter is permitted to bunt.

    • Strike outs are permitted.
    • The strike zone will be enlarged during the beginning of the season from one ball outside of homeplate to one ball inside of homeplate, and from the shoulders to the knees.
    • The strike zone will condense into a traditional strike zone as the season progresses.
    • Players shall be allowed to walk.
    • Walked runs in are allowed and count as a run.
    • When a runner is walked, the ball is dead. If the catcher fails to catch the ball, the player that was walked can not advance to second on that play.
    • If the batter is hit by a pitched ball, the batter shall be awarded first base.
    • If a single pitcher hits three (3) batters within an inning the pitcher must be pulled.
  • HIT BY A BATTED BALL: If baserunner is hit by a batted ball, the baserunner will be called OUT,all other advancing baserunners will continue to the nearest base and the play called dead.

  • INFIELD FLY RULE: The infield fly rule does NOT apply.

  • THROWING THE BAT: Any player who, after one warning, throws the bat while batting shall be called out. Any player who has been called out twice in one game for this offense shall lose their remaining turns at bat in that game.

    • There shall be NO leadoffs prior to the pitch crossing home plate. Base runners MUST stay in contact with the base until the pitched ball crosses homeplate.
    • Players must touch all bases in order when running and not pass another base runner while doing so. Failure to do so will result in an out.

    1.No stealing first half of the season.

    2.Stealing is permitted in the second half of the season and is permitted on a past-ball pitch ONLY. The ball must go behind the catcher. If the ball is in the dirt in front of, or beside the catcher, runner is not allowed to run. Only one (1) base may be stolen on an overthrown ball.At NO time is it allowable to steal a base under any other condition than a passed ball as stated above.

    3.Should a baserunner leave the base clearly before the ball crosses home plate, the baserunner shall be returned to the previous base and warned of the rule. Should the infraction continue, the baserunner shall be declared OUT. It is not the intent of the NHBA that this be a punitive rule; rather, only in cases where the infraction is obvious should the penalty be imposed.

    4. Home is closed. There will be no stealing home under any circumstances.

  • OUT OF PLAY: Only 1 base will be allowed on an overthrow that leaves the playing area. Out of play is 10-15 feet beyond the first and third baselines.

  • FAKE TAGS: There will be no fake tags. A player who makes a fake tag shall be given a warning followed by ejection for a subsequent occurrence.


    Players shall be ejected from the game and receive an additional game suspension for the following conduct:

    1.forearming or tripping runners;

    2.intentionally running into fielders; or

    3.bad sportsmanship, such as taunting or ridiculing other players.

    4.Throwing equipment, bats, helmets, gloves, etc.

  • PROTESTS AND FORFEITS:There will be no protests. A team can play with 8 players, when the ninth spot in the batting order comes to the plate it is an automatic out. If you have 7 players the game is a forfeit.

    • NHBA will provide Junior Umpires to call the games (as the budget permits).
    • The appointed umpire shall be positioned behind the pitcher and will call balls and strikes as well as defensive plays.
    • There will be no arguing or disputing any calls made by the umpire (especially the Junior Umpires).
    • In the event Junior Umpires are unavailable, the home team shall be responsible for designating an umpire.
      • PITCHING

        1.Kid pitch only. No coach will be allowed to pitch.

        2.No balks will be called.

        3.Dropped third strike is a dead ball and the batter is out.

        4.If a pitcher hits three (3) batters within an inning the pitcher must be pulled

        5.No player shall pitch more than TWO INNINGS in any game. One (1) pitch in an inning constitutes pitching a full inning.








        Daily Max

        0 Days

        1 Day

        2 Days

        3 Days

        4 Days

        5 Days

















    • There shall be no more than three (3) mandatory events per week. Events are games or practices at which a coach and more than three team members are present.
    • During the playoffs, it is possible that more than three (3) events in a week may occur, based on playoff and game scheduling.
    • There will be NO mandatory events on Sunday, unless weather delays or other unforeseen events make it necessary.
  • MANAGERS CODE OF CONDUCT: The Code of Conduct for Managers are a part of these rules. ALL Player ejections, please use Pony division and Bronco division rules as a guideline.

  • REGULATION GAME: Each game shall be six (6) innings in duration. No new innings after two hours (2 hours). The final inning will be unlimited runs and shall be played to completion, no drop-dead time.
  • There is a 10-run mercy rule in effect after the losing team has had a minimum of 4 at bats. In the event of a tie after 6 innings, additional innings will be played until a winner is determined.
  • The lowest seeded team (#1 SEED OR FIRST PLACE TEAM IS LOWEST SEED - #6 SEED OR LAST PLACE TEAM IS HIGHEST SEED) will be the home team throughout the playoffs. If in the Championship match up the loser’s bracket team wins the first game, the second game home team will be determined by a coin flip.
  • Pitching-If a pitcher has the available pitches, a pitcher could pitch in two (2) games in a day. Pitcher must throw 20 pitches and less than 2 innings in the first game to be eligible to pitch his remaining daily maximum pitches and innings in the second game.


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