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Foal Rules

Foal Rule - 2023 Spring Ball – Ages 3-4.  

The purpose of the division is to teach the kids how to throw, catch, hit, and run the bases. 

Use Level 1 Baseballs. Bats MUST BE USA Stamped. 

Game Starts:

  • The Manager or a Coach MUST have the team roster and the medical release forms for all players at each game.

  • Teams will be limited to Eleven (11) players – subject to change depending on the enrollment and # of coaches. 

  • The home team is responsible for setting up the field before each game – Backstop Net / Bases – NHBA will provide - Location – TBD and Tee’s – head coach is responsible for providing.

  • The visitor team is responsible for tearing down field after the final game – Location – TBD. 

  • 1hr max time limit for all games, No new inning can start after 50 minutes of playing time. Goal is 2-3 Innings. 

  • Coaches will place the ball on the tee. 

  • No catchers in Foal. 


  • NHBA League will provide each player with a hat and jersey. Parents are responsible for providing white Pants.

  • Each player shall be permanently assigned a uniform number at the beginning of the season.

  • No team shall make changes to the league issued uniforms. 


  • While at Bat, a team shall have a Batting coach, 1st Base coach and 3rd Base coach. 

  • All the players hit off a Tee. No Coach or Machine pitch.

Player Equipment:

  • Each Player will need to purchase a USA Stamped Bat, Batting Helmet, Glove, and only Soft Cleats shoe are allowed, No Metal Cleats. 

  • The names of the players shall NOT be affixed to the uniform shirt. This is done as a matter of child safety in that strangers will not be able to learn the child's name by reading the uniform shirt.

Batting Order:

  • All batters will bat each half-inning. There are no outs and there are no strikes. If a batter hits the tee before the ball, it will be deemed a foul ball and the batter will hit again. Balls that are foul of the lines will also be re- hit.

  • Each team will reverse their batting order for each inning - the child who hits last in the first inning will hit first in the second inning.

  • All baserunners will take one base at a time for every hitter.  Exception is for the last hitter of the half-inning who will hit a “homerun” and all runners will run all the way home.

  • The defense will try to make outs, but the runner will not be removed from the base if he/she is out. This promotes teaching base running while still teaching the kids to throw the ball and make defensive plays.

  • No scores will be kept 

  • Each team will reverse their batting order for each inning - child who hits last in the first inning will hit first in the second inning. 

  • After 5 or 6 batters the defense will rotate, those at infield positions will rotate to the outfield and those at outfield positions will rotate to the infield positions.


  • There will be NO scorekeeping of any kind. 

Weekly Events:

  • There is 1 weekly 60-minute practice and 1 game on Saturday. 


  • There shall be NO league standings.


  • No stealing is permitted at any time.

Managers / Coaches Code of Conduct: 

The Code of Conduct for Managers / Coaches are a part of these rules. ALL Managers / Coaches should be familiar with the rules contained in the Code of Conduct.


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