Team Parent Responsibility

Schedule a Snack Rotation List: Have one parent bring a snack and drink for after the game. After the game snacks should be a snack to help restore their energy. A playoffs snack schedule should also be made for those divisions that have a playoff season. 

Opening Day: Tally and collect the money for pre-ordered Outback Steakhouse lunches for the team. Distribute picture order envelopes. Help your coach ready and organize the team for the team photo. Pick up and distribute team photos when they are ready. 

Cookie Dough Fundraiser: Tally and collect money for cookie dough orders for the team. Pick up cookie dough on designated day and disperse to your team.

Action Shots Book: The league photographer takes action pictures of the players on your team. These will be compiled into a book. It is your responsibility to show the book to the parents, take the money if they buy the photos and return the book and collected money to the Team Parent Coordinator when everyone has finished.

Plan the Team Party: Help plan the end of the season party if the coach needs help. Also, help get the coach(es) end of season gift, if your team decides that is something they would all like to participate in.

Make a Team Banner: (Shetland American and Shetland National Divisions only) There are companies that specialize in making team banners. Your team could have a professionally made banner for approximately $10 per child. You can also make the banner yourself or with a couple of other parents. It should include your team colors, team name and the name of the kids on the team. 

Thank you for volunteering to be a Team Parent. You are an important part of your team’s fun and success. You are also a very important part of NHBA. Without you the league would not be successful in their fundraising campaign. 

Most of all have fun!!!